Video Surveillance

Inivatech can provide leading edge state of the art IP Video Surveillance / CCTV solutions for businesses.

Be the this single or across multiple sites. Integrating both of these with many other technologies, such as Analytics, Automatic Number Plate recognition and much much more.

Our Expertise

With our extensive experience, whether a new IP CCTV installation is needed, or an existing one needs upgrading or replacing. We will work alongside you hand in hand, understanding your needs and install a solution. That is not only right for you now but allows for the future.

Shield Crop

IP Cameras

We install and support cameras, from leading edge manufacturers, such as Axis, Avigilon and Mobotix. Providing exceptional image quality day and night. Some with the ability to run applications, to recognises whether it is a person or vehicle in the field of view, or other more specialised video analytics.

Network Video Management System

To record the footage from the IP cameras, we use network video management systems from companies, such as Milestone Systems. Who support thousands of different camera models, from numerous manufacturers. Allowing the installation of the right camera for the right job, without being tied into a single manufacturers solution.

Remote and Mobile Monitoring

Giving you access to live and recorded video, instant control of cameras and connected security devices, and allows you to perform advanced searches to find video data and metadata

High Resolution

Our latest high definition IP CCTV cameras provide the clarity of detail that modern video evidence demands. With megapixel, HD, UHD technology, even the smallest details are captured and recorded.


With our IP CCTV systems you choose how the equipment works for you. Start with as little as one camera, and then add more as your usage grows. It’s simple and fast to roll out extra services such as Facial recognition, APNR, Barrier control and more to enhance your control over the whole estate.


The solutions provided are extensible in their build, allowing the addition of new features at a later date, bespoke customer specific applications, offering the future proofing that modern business demands.

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Whatever your access, site management or security needs are, Inivatech can advise you on the best solution. And then install and monitor and support you and the equipment