Data Cabling

Inivatech have been supplying and installing structured cabling solutions since 2005. Copper structured cabling is one of the most important critical communication infrastructures your business requires. The structure cabling system utilising Cat5e, Ca6, Cat6a, Cat7 copper cable, is what is required for CCTV, Access control, your telephone system, WIFI as well as your computer network.

1f you require a complete upgrade, a new installation, or you simply want to move and changes. We have certified engineers who can install and test. Providing you with a manufacturers warranty, on the installation.

Fibre Cabling

We’re Certified Installers of Code-Compliant, High-Performing Fibre Cabling Infrastructure. Traditionally used to provide backbone links between comms cabinets or buildings.

Fibre provides a wider bandwidth over a longer distance than copper, data cable. It is in demand by more and more organisations these days, as the basis of an entire network, delivering fibre right to the desk.

Inivatech can provide and install any specification of fibre optic cabling. Be it is Single mode – OS1  and OS2 or Multi-mode – OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4

With the ever growing need for more bandwidth, and faster data transmissions. Fibre optic will play a key part in your network, now and for the future.

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Whatever your access, site management or security needs are, Inivatech can advise you on the best solution. And then install and monitor and support you and the equipment.