Established in 2005, Inivatech advises on, supplies, installs and supports IP Security Systems, which includes IP Video Surveillance (IP CCTV), IP Access Control, and real-time video analysis. Providing everything from alerts when perimeters are breached or when secure / sterile areas are entered, to forensic search and post-event analysis, facial recognition and much, much more.

Our expertise is in understanding your site and sector requirements, then bringing the right technologies together for the right solution. Inivatech is a consultative solution provider, choosing best of breed IP security systems and integrating them to work to your requirements.

Inivatech’s clients include businesses and organisations in a variety of sectors – from universities and schools, to Corporates, to existing traditional intruder alarm / security companies, to consultants, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. If you have grounds or premises we can help! Inivatech operates up and down the UK with a concentration around our Cambridge base.


What do we do for our Clients

Video Surveillance and Access control

Inivatech can provide leading edge state of the art IP Camera Surveillance and Access Control solutions. Be the this single or across multiple sites. Integrating both of these with many other technologies, such as Analytics, Automatic Number Plate recognition and much much more.

Perimeter control

Utilising an existing IP network or installing a new network specifically for this, you can detect, locate and identify intruders at the gate, along the perimeter and all the way into the premises. You will benefit from pan/tilt/zoom camera patrolling, auto tracking or guard-tour. The cameras record highly detailed video scenes with high resolution image quality. You can use thermal cameras to detect people, vehicles and incidents even in complete darkness. And it’s easy to integrate your camera system into intelligent video analytics and access control.

Video analytics

Video Analytics can help in, not only watching perimeters, asset protection, people entering a sterile area and keeping an eye out for suspicious objects; but For retail, Inivatech can put in place an IP security solution that provides analytics to show customer buying patterns, which places on the shop floor people are spending the most time; and integrating the people count through the door with how many people are looking at new promotion areas.

One of our great ‘programmables’ is asking the system to look for a lost child in a crowded shopping area – small person, yellow dress. Magic.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

Another growing application is automatic number plate recognition – great for busy car parks whether you are a commercial car park or a business or organisation of any sort. For when you need to know who is coming and going (or staying). We work too with integrated speakers with automated or bespoke audio broadcasts. This might be a warning to clear the area (because of an incident or health and safety issues) or a reminder that the premises are closing.

To name but a few….  finally…

Whatever your access, site management or security needs are, Inivatech can advise you on the best solution. And then install and monitor and support you and the equipment. Call us now on 01223 433 300 or email to find out how we can help.