About us

As technology advances, it has enabled security products to move into a new era. Here at Inivatech we provide leading edge CCTV, Access control, Intelligent buildings, ANPR technology and bespoke security solutions.

This technology works over IP, which is the protocol used by internal computer networks and the Internet and offers a number of benefits:


With our IP CCTV and Access Control system you choose how the equipment works for you: start with as little as one door with a camera, and then add more as your usage grows. It’s simple and fast to roll out extra services such as Facial recognition, APNR, Barrier control and more to enhance your control over the whole installation.


The solutions provided are extensible in their build, allowing the addition of new features at a later date, bespoke customer specific applications, offering the future proofing that modern business demands.

MegaPixel CCTV

Our latest high definition IP CCTV cameras provide the clarity of detail that modern video evidence demands. With megapixel technology, even the smallest details are captured and recorded.

Reduced cost of ownership

Our IP CCTV systems scale as your company needs them. Being based on IP technology means that your existing network infrastructure can be used to accelerate the roll out and reduce installation costs. The use of industry standard network equipment means that IP CCTV has many more features than traditional CCTV, but can be updated and improved at a fraction of the cost.

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