Kings College, Cambridge

Video Surveilance

Access that is suitable, efficient and secure

As well as working with the University expanding the video surveillance and access control system infrastructure, Inivatech are on call. They are structured and focused to respond and resolve any issues with the video surveillance and electronic access that may arise. Giving the staff, residents and visitors confidence that the security and access equipment functions seamlessly, Inivatech respond extremely quickly as and when something misbehaves.

The Situation

Like many similar institutions Kings College Cambridge relies on IP CCTV for their video surveillance to safeguard students, staff and buildings. For a number of years, Kings has also used electronic access for their 700 resident hostel rooms installed and supported by Inivatech.

The full story

There are some 700 residential hostel rooms within Kings College in Cambridge. Access to each is now controlled by electronic access. The college has much more control over access to these rooms with the electronic access system than previously when physical keys were used. If a student or visitor loses their University card (used for identification and cashless payment as well as access) or the card is stolen, Kings can easily cancel it to prevent unauthorised use or access; and they can issue a replacement immediately.

The hostel rooms are used for both short term (conferences and summer schools) and long term (Kings College students) accommodation and the electronic access system gives Kings the flexibility to manage access as required and in real time.

The system is secure, efficient and suitable for the college environment. The college is in control of access, the right people get to where they need to be and on the rare occasions that something goes wrong with either the hardware or the software (or something needs an upgrade), the Inivatech team are responsive and get it sorted. Quickly. This might be a server upgrade, database support or troubleshooting software issues.

Quite often issues reported by the college can be tested and often fixed remotely. Sometimes a site visit is required. Kings College Cambridge is a prestigious institution and students, staff, guests and visitors expect a secure environment to work and study in. And that includes having secure accommodation with easy access.

Long gone are the days of physical keys and the security issues associated with them. This is why Kings will be looking to expand electronic access in the college.

What's next?

We will probably expand electronic access.” says Neil Seabridge, head porter at Kings. “It makes keeping the college secure much easier and it’s efficient as well as highly suitable for what we require.”

Security services you can trust

Whatever your access, site management or security needs are, Inivatech can advise you on the best solution. And then install and monitor and support you and the equipment.

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