CCTV, The Data Protection Act and Compliance.

With rapid changes to surveillance technology, together with recent advice from the Information Commissioner’s Office, are you doing everything you should to manage your CCTV system and the personal data you capture, so that you stay within the law?

The Data Protection Act creates legal obligations for companies and gives individuals rights, who can claim unlimited compensation through the courts if they believe they have suffered as a consequence of the misuse of CCTV, in addition to fines for Data Controllers.

So …

• Have you registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office?

• Did you know individuals have the right to access personal information held on CCTV about them? Do you know how to legally deal with this?

• Do you have appropriate CCTV data retention and disposal systems in place? You should not keep data longer than ‘is necessary.’

• Do you know how to keep data safe and secure?

• Do you have an annual review of the effectiveness of CCTV systems?

• Is your signing legal – with appropriate information?

• Do you have clear guidance on disclosure of information and do you know details that should be recorded?

Evidence captured by your CCTV system could become inadmissible in court if you have failed to comply with relevant legislation, leaving a criminal to walk free from court.

So of the key things that our consultant can work with you on:

– CCTV Policy and Code of Practice/Procedures for Use
– Site Review/Impact Assessment/Audit of CCTV and Policy/Procedures
– CCTV Use – Legislation/Data Protection Awareness Training

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