IP Speaker – Internal



Deploy an audio PA system over an IP Network with Netgenium IP Speakers and make paging announcements via an IP Telephone system or PC.



Power over Ethernet
Single cable deployment. Onboard Audio amplifier delivering upto 6W with IEEE802.3af

Prioritised Audio
Supports up to 9 levels of priorty for audio announcements for selective muting.

Flex I/O
Features 4 Flex Inputs and 4 Flex outputs. Each Flex I/O is configurable via the browser interface, providing flexible configuration options for attached I/O


Technical Data



1 No. 10/100 Base TX Ethernet RJ45


Supported Protocols:

Cisco Call Manager Skinny SIP 2.0 (peer and proxy)


Supported Codecs:

G711 uLaw ,G711 ALaw, PCM Wav 11.025 Khz, Wav 22.05 Khz, Wav 44.1 Khz, Wav 48 Khz


Onboard I/O:

No 4 Flex Inputs (Requires Digital 0v contact)

No 4 Flex Outputs (12V switched –ve)
Flex I/O can be used for local announcements


Power Supply:

Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af



Case diameter 203mm



700 g



Environment Temperature -5o C to +40o C Humidity 0-95% rh non-condensing


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